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# md-html Markdown to HTML converter; honors inline HTML. ## Usage Usage: `md-html [FILE]` This will convert markdown file [FILE] into HTML, preserving inline HTML in the process. The converted file will then be sent to stdout, where it can be redirected to a file to be saved. Example usage: `md-html src/ > dist/about.html` md-html is licensed under GPL-3.0. <> md-html homepage: <> ## Building Run `make` to generate scanner with flex and compile with clang. Binary will be `bin/md-html`. Run `make check` to convert `` to HTML and send the converted file to stdout. To use a different compiler and set flags, edit the appropriate lines in makefile. ## Syntax specifics ### Differences from standard markdown md-html uses mostly standard markdown syntax, with a few exceptions listed below, ordered from greatest to least deviation from the standard: ### Disabling markdown syntax Much like the backticks (\`\`\`) used for codeblocks in markdown, markdown syntax can be disabled for text written between two sets of three commas (`,,,`). ### Ordered lists Typically an ordered list is created by prefixing a list item with a number followed by a period; it can be any number, and the numbering can be out of order, or can even be repetitive. e.g.: ``` 2. foo 4. bar 3. baz ``` Instead of this method, md-html uses the typical unordered list dash, but followed by a period: ``` -. foo -. bar -. baz ``` ### p-tags #### No two spaces for carriage returns p-tags are written the standard way; just write on a new line without any extra markup. However, carriage returns are honored without the excess two spaces before the end of a line. ### h-tags An h-tag (`h1`, `h2`, etc.) is denoted the usual way: by n amount of `#`'s before text. e.g.: `##An h2` While h-tags can also be written with an underline in markdown, like the following: ``` An h-tag ======== ``` md-html does not honor this method. # Features needed/wanted md-html currently does not honor image or blockquote markdown, as well as autolinks or references, but it may in the future.